Real Estate And The Net -April 2014 Edition

I taught a class, for CE credit just prior to the Birmingham Board of Realtors Awards luncheon at The Club In Birmingham, on April 24, 2014. The Alabama Center For Real Estate facilitated the course. Many thanks to the many corporate sponsors.

The course material was substantially updated from the prior offerings as the web does evolve quickly! The slides are as presented and the text below contains a large number of reference links for much more information on most topics. Realtors should find a wealth of curated content here.

A major tip ctlC (copy) ctlV(paste) ctlA(select all)

Social/general use:

Real Estate Specific

  • Trulia
  • Zillow
  • Xceligent
  • Costar
  • My Boss
  • The MLS
  • Active rain
  • Inman
  • etc…..

What is a good way to think about it?

My data I want public, (most) and what do I want private, bank acct, health info etc…

Mobile web traffic will eclipse desktop in about 1-2 years (now at 10%)*

Internet ads more total $ than Newspapers in 2010

More hours on Internet than TV

Internet ads more total $ than TV!   mobile ads revenue experienced triple-digit growth for the third year in a row — in 2013, it was up 110 percent compared to 2012, reaching just over $7 billion in revenue.

Attention becoming more diversified, Net taking more hours per day

Phone books going out of existence…(In one office I was in recently I was amazed to see them still in very active use, in the last year this is no longer the case!)

Although it seems that the internet has already penetrated every corner, experts agree that we are still at the beginning. Mobile is a huge growth factor. If you are not mobile you may not exist for some people.

Google leading the charge here.This year 61 percent of American cell phone owners were using smartphones up from 21 percent in 2010, according to Nielsen.

You must be not just mobile friendly, but, mobile centric. Now more mobile usage than desktop.

Tablet use has exploded. Think more mobile…

Social networking?

Social Network usage: Source:

It is there, and in some fashion, you and your market, are impacted if you participate or not.

As so much tech, can be a force for good or evil, your choice.

Personal vs. company

Big three:

  1. Blog/Web site
  2. Linked-in Now shows in both Google search and Bing
  3. Twitter (tips) Beginners guide: Follow

And more:




What is a Personal Web Presence? via

  • What does it mean to have a personal web presence?
  • Why is it important to consciously build a personal web presence online? What are the benefits and/or drawbacks?
  • What do we like or find compelling in a website or blog? What elements do we want to incorporate into our own websites? What would we want to avoid?
  • Anyone using the Internet is creating a digital footprint, which makes it necessary to be conscious of the way we are perceived by others.
  • By consciously building a personal web presence, we open the door to connect with others in our field or who share common interests.

Illustration of various strategies using live examples: (Real Estate market reports) (software and tech) (connections)

Misc: Misc tools to help to co-ordinate with clients and others involved in the process

Google keep

Google tasks


Wave Accounting

Various Web based services for improved client interaction, and Microsoft alternatives.

  • Do you have a server? Ditch it…
  • Sites (examples)
  • Android vs Apple, carriers… my thoughts…
  • Google chat text, video
  • Google voice (Why?)
  • Hangouts (with extras)
  • Chrome (Chrome store/ addons)
  • Docs/Drive
  • Maps Earth (later)
  • Tools for Apple fans
  • Gmail
    • Gmail filters
    • Control what comes to your phone!
  • Contacts
    • Contact management and how to do a group ex. attorneys or title people or ac or electricians
    • Where are your contacts?
    • Rapportive
  • Network based Documents
    • Collaboration
    • Many Brokers are using, may be an artifact of using loopnet or Xceligent?
    • Spreadsheets
    • Presentations
    • Fusion tables (maps)
  • Using Network based maps effectively
    • custom maps, easier than you think!
  • Google Earth
    • Sophisticated maps easier than you think!
    • Social media usage

Some General Advice:

Phones vs Tablets vs Pc’s going to Tablets very doable now and Chromebooks a viable alternative

Windows 8? Get classic menu indicator!

Install Chrome make it default

Mac, install Chrome make it default

quit using Outlook or Mail app on the computer, eventually it will cause you problems..

Security, two factor auth now offered for most services, other…

find my device, Android and IPhone both have (set it up)

New tools

go paperless! and all cloud

Setting up MLS  searches for your farm/prospects so you get info on new listings before client!

Showing desk reports for agent and also for custom

Useful site for Birmingham

New tool for mailing lists

Photos: G+ features  Pixlr:

Gary Vaynerchuk, @garyvee on Twitter

Be a storyteller be awesome!


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