Google Apps Sales and Support In Alabama

Google Apps is a great way to cut costs and improve service for Real Estate Companies as well as most other types of companies of all sizes.

If you are using an Exchange server-based solution, we can, on average, save about 80% of your direct costs, as well as providing much better tools for your staff/employees and agents. Conversion is fast and easy, you don’t change existing e-mail addresses. Some 5,000 companies a day are signing up!

Please see this short clip for an introduction to Google Apps.

For more details about Google apps including pricing, please take a look at the Google Apps Showcase here.

As many of you may know I offer a variety of software services via my company, OSWCO (which stands for Open SoftWare Company).

Recently, OSWCO became an Authorized Reseller for Google Apps, as well as receiving a Google Certified Deployment Specialist certification.

Please contact me for more information.

Tom Brander

by: Tom Brander


3 thoughts on “Google Apps Sales and Support In Alabama

  1. appraisalsource

    I currently use these services with my free Google account. What benefit does a paid account provide? For one person businesses like myself is there any added benefit for the paid account?

    1. Tom Brander Post author

      Thanks for asking. In general for one person outfits, and even up to the current 10 person limit for free accounts, there is little if any benefit to changing to a paid account. It does remove ads, but I find them pretty unobtrusive.. There are some benefits such as mailbox size, improved mobile phone management, policy type controls and group management.. but usually only larger companies have that need.


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