Brookings – Quality. Independence. Impact.

Brookings – Quality. Independence. Impact..(click for article)

This Brookings study/map shows Birmingham as one of the 20 strongest housing price markets in the US!

Brookings chart

Brookings chart


2 thoughts on “Brookings – Quality. Independence. Impact.

  1. Ron Roberts

    Birmingham market may be decent but your statistics recently on Huntsville are not accurate. You missed all the activity not in the MLS.

    Hunter Homes sold 600 homes last year and continue to build and sell homes at a similiar pace as last year. It appears you failed to count them. The market in Huntsville is much better than Birmingham and your reports send the wrong inaccurate message.

    1. tbrander Post author

      Well I’d beg to differ, MLS while it does not count all the homes does account for 90+ percent of them, and therefore is 100% correlated with the overall market. It is the best and most complete source of data available. I specifically use comparative statistics that compare sales and inventory contained within MLS, so the inventory, sales and months of inventory are all drawn from the same source. While I’m glad that there are some other specific developments and developers who may be doing better, that is not reflective of the overall market. While I did step out using permit data I believe that the point is still accurate. I doubt you or any one would say that there is not a serious inventory problem in homes over $300,000, both new and used.


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