Please vote on this Jefferson County amendment!!!

Please vote yes on the amendment to require the sewer board to collect only from tenants who have water service. This message was sent out by the Birmingham MLS board:

Please look for the Jefferson County amendment on the back of your ballot (last item) and vote YES.  Please talk about this amendment with your friends, family and neighbors to help increase awareness on this issue.

For over six years, the Birmingham Association of REALTORS has been attempting to solve the problem of Jefferson County extending credit to tenants and later expecting property owners/landlords to make good on services not paid for by the tenant.  Legislation passed several years ago on this issue was fought by the county and overturned due to earlier acts relating to sewer bonds which have been paid off for years.

The current county policy does not require a credit check, and tenants may run up thousands of dollars in sewer fees.  Tenants may even move away before the property owner is made aware of the debt.  The county seeks liens against the property owner for the credit the county extended to tenants.  The county then expects the property owner to bail out the tenant who would not pay.  There is no policy in place to keep the same tenant from moving to the next property and repeating the same “flush and skip” routine.

Look for the amendment on the back of your ballot.  Thank you for your support!

Your yes vote will end a very unfair policy, now being followed by the Jefferson County Sewer Board. The policy is probably illegal anyway. (just when you hoped they could not do anything else!)


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