Birmingham Area MLS Annual Comments 1/13/08

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Again this year we were invited to present at the annual dinner meeting of the Birmingham Area Homebuilders   (a great group if you don’t already belong). The following nine pages contain the presentation and notes. Please note that the numbers I presented in this year-end presentation section were generated from MLS data generated on 1/5/2008. The main monthly report was generated from MLS data generated 1/11/2008 so there are small discrepancies reflecting later data entered by agents last week. I have not revised my year end presentation. The differences are not material but  the monthly report has the most current numbers… 

Highlights:Total sales Dollars

’06 $3,850,206,923,                              

 “07 $3,596,855,551 (-6.58%)

New Houses          

’06 $1,502,248,548                               

’07 $$1,295,059,555 (-13.79% )

Market share for  new houses went up steadily from 2001 to 2006 , peaking at 39% of sales and then dropping to $36% of 2007 sales. Presumably due to pressure from increased used house selection availability.December Dollar sales slightly lower than November (normally somewhat higher month to month note that January is usually much lower…’06 $292,143,193’07 $219,517,680 (December to December -24.86%) (see above monthly narrative for updated numbers) Last year dollar sales were very good until about July and August , when the wheels came off… this is about 6 months behind some of the national market. 


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